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VIFA M21 WG-09-08 loudspeaker drivers (pair)
A pair of new production M21 WG-09-08 loudspeaker drivers. The M21 was a classic paper cone 8" (21cm) driver intended for use in sealed box loudspeaker designs. it was used with great success in Heybrook's popular HB1 and Trio models, as well as in the JPW P1, AP2 and AP3 and the US made Snell type K's.

The foam surround on older units deteriorates over time. These are new units manufactured exactly as the old ones were in the former VIFA factory which is now under the control of Scanspeak. The only thing that has changed is the composition of the foam surround such that it should last a good while longer than the 15 years of the original units.  Dimensions, electrical characteristics, appearance and sound are identical to earlier production.
Item #Pair

Price £144.00 

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